How to mount a Truecrypt encrypted Windows system drive on Linux

This will be just a short post about how to mount an ecrypted Windows system drive on Linux. My laptop has a dual-boot system (Windows-Linux) and the whole Windows partition is encrypted by Truecrypt with pre-boot authentication. Yesterday, I booted my Ubuntu, but later, I wanted to get some files from the Windows partition without rebooting my laptop.

The solution I found was easy:

I just installed Truecrypt on Ubuntu and used it to mount the Windows encrypted system partition.
You can do it executing the following command:
root@thor-t410:~# truecrypt –mount-options=system /dev/sda1 /mnt/truecrypt/

where –mount-options=system means that this is an encrypted system drive, /dev/sda1 my encrypted drive and /mnt/truecrypt the place I wanted to mount it to. After executing the command, you should type your password.

Here is the output:

root@thor-t410:~# truecrypt –mount-options=system /dev/sda1 /mnt/truecrypt/
Enter password for /dev/sda1:
Enter keyfile [none]:
Protect hidden volume (if any)? (y=Yes/n=No) [No]:
Incorrect keyfile(s) and/or password or not a TrueCrypt volume.

Note that pre-boot authentication passwords need to be typed in the pre-boot environment where non-US keyboard layouts are not available. Therefore, pre-boot authentication passwords must always be typed using the standard US keyboard layout (otherwise, the password will be typed incorrectly in most cases). However, note that you do NOT need a real US keyboard; you just need to change the keyboard layout in your operating system.
Enter password for /dev/sda1:
Protect hidden volume (if any)? (y=Yes/n=No) [No]:

As you see I mistyped the password first time, because z/y was replaced in my Hungarian keyboard and in this case Truecrypt used US keyboard thus I had to repeat the good password with replacing the z/y.

To umount this drive just execute the following command:

truecrypt -d /mnt/truecrypt