How to mount a Truecrypt encrypted Windows system drive on Linux

This will be just a short post about how to mount an ecrypted Windows system drive on Linux. My laptop has a dual-boot system (Windows-Linux) and the whole Windows partition is encrypted by Truecrypt with pre-boot authentication. Yesterday, I booted my Ubuntu, but later, I wanted to get some files from the Windows partition without rebooting my laptop.

The solution I found was easy:

I just installed Truecrypt on Ubuntu and used it to mount the Windows encrypted system partition.
You can do it executing the following command:
root@thor-t410:~# truecrypt –mount-options=system /dev/sda1 /mnt/truecrypt/

where –mount-options=system means that this is an encrypted system drive, /dev/sda1 my encrypted drive and /mnt/truecrypt the place I wanted to mount it to. After executing the command, you should type your password.

Here is the output:

root@thor-t410:~# truecrypt –mount-options=system /dev/sda1 /mnt/truecrypt/
Enter password for /dev/sda1:
Enter keyfile [none]:
Protect hidden volume (if any)? (y=Yes/n=No) [No]:
Incorrect keyfile(s) and/or password or not a TrueCrypt volume.

Note that pre-boot authentication passwords need to be typed in the pre-boot environment where non-US keyboard layouts are not available. Therefore, pre-boot authentication passwords must always be typed using the standard US keyboard layout (otherwise, the password will be typed incorrectly in most cases). However, note that you do NOT need a real US keyboard; you just need to change the keyboard layout in your operating system.
Enter password for /dev/sda1:
Protect hidden volume (if any)? (y=Yes/n=No) [No]:

As you see I mistyped the password first time, because z/y was replaced in my Hungarian keyboard and in this case Truecrypt used US keyboard thus I had to repeat the good password with replacing the z/y.

To umount this drive just execute the following command:

truecrypt -d /mnt/truecrypt


3 Responses to How to mount a Truecrypt encrypted Windows system drive on Linux

  1. seb says:

    I get command not found?

    I’m using Ubuntu 12.04lts

    When I type the above command it doesn’t work. thor-t410 is you user name is it not?

    Should the command not start with Sudo truecrypt –mount-options=system /dev/sda1 /mnt/truecrypt/

    I have tried multiple variations and all come back with “command not found”.

    Any Help?

    • PZolee says:


      thor-t410 is the name of my computer. Anyway, before using truecrypt, you should install it to your computer. You can download it from here. Just download it then decompress and start the installer.

  2. echo083 says:

    Very nice 🙂 Thanks

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