WiFi Speed Test for Android v1.5.1 released

I’m happy to announce that the new 1.5.1 version has been released. You can download it from Google Play

Two main features were implemented here:

Test result list
Added test result list that stores your records. In portrait mode, you need to scroll to the right side. If you click on one of the items, a popup window will be displayed where you can see the details like latency, target, data size, run time and other information.

Also you can save your results in csv format for late processing with Excel or other calculator program. And you can upload your results instantly to a Goggle drive or Dropbox or share it with your friends.

For example, using this csv file, you can analyse the correlation between the upload speed and the RSSI level:

Upload speed vs RSSI

Tablet optimization

Added dual-panel mode: from now, in landscape mode (if the width is at least 600 pixels) the GUI is displayed in two panels.
On the left panel, the speedometer is displayed as in portrait mode, but the Test result list is displayed on the right panel.
There is only one limitation: you should not change the orientation during a test (in that case, the test will be stopped).

Changes in tcpserver

A pre-compiled tcpserver.exe was uploaded for windows based computers instead of a python script.  If you need you can use the original tcpserver.py Python script too.

You can download it from my bitbucket repository.

Before install it, please read the guide

If you are more interested in my application, read my other posts too. Also if you have any useful idea, don’t hesitate to contact me

Finally, a big thanks  to Olivier and Antonio that they helped me in testing and supported me with good ideas.


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