WiFi Network Analyzer for Android

Sometimes, you would like to check your WiFi network if it works properly or detect if there are any problems. Taking into consideration the increasing number of the mobile devices (especially in case of the tablets), the well functioning WiFi network is a very important thing.

So if you want to verify your network, you can use my Wifi Network Analyzer application. Of course there are a lot of WiFi analyzer apps on the Android Market, but there is a big difference compared to my application:

They just display some static information and if you are  an average person and not an IT expert, it’s hard to understand what -79 dBm means for a signal length or it is good or not if the channel of your WiFi network is 11.

So I’ve decided that my application will be smart and process these information automatically then displays it in an easy form where you can see if your network works fine or not, even if you are just a beginner.
Here you can see the result if you click on the Analyze button:









Now you can detect the possible problems without understanding the exact meaning of the numbers.

If you are an expert, my WiFi Network Analyzer also can be a good choice.

It displays the usual static information like BSSID, frequency, channel, IP address, vendor, DNS and a lot of more but what is more important:
It measures the latency of the access point and tests the DNS resolving continuously.
Also there is a very useful dashboard, where you can check the most important details.

Finally, if you want to test the speed of your network, you can use my WiFi Speed Test application available on the Android Market.


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