WiFi Speed Test for Android Live Demo

Well, I’ve just created a few demo animations to make easier the usage of my WiFi Speed Test application.

Here you can watch the animations, I hope they will be useful:

Online demo 1: Test the speed of the WiFi using two Android-based devices

Online demo 2: Test the speed of a Samba share

Online demo 3: Test the speed of the WiFi using a computer and a Android-based device


8 Responses to WiFi Speed Test for Android Live Demo

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  2. Yury says:

    Hi Zoltán,

    This looks like a very nice program, just what I need at the moment.
    I can’t, however, download the windows server, it says the site is under maintenance. Hope that’s temporary, I will be setting up WDS at my place soon and running a test like this would be a must.


  3. Yury says:

    So, I managed to download the windows server. One comment about it. If I run it in foreground, i.e. with console visible, my readings drop from realistic 30-40 mb/sec to 4. I am guessing it’s because it writes too much to console. I could use -o option, but than it creates a quickly growing file on my disk.
    I was wondering if the program needs to output all those zeroes…

  4. PZolee says:

    add “-o nul” if you are using windows or “-o /dev/null” in case of linux. The messages will be dropped by the system without creating any file.
    For more details see the wiki page:

  5. Yury says:

    Yes, sure, I was just wondering about the default behavior.
    Thanks, great apps.

  6. Nice speedtest app … great work you’ve done!

    Usability tip: put link to the server app on the first screen of the speedtest app: i had to go back and read the description on the android store to start using the app. (yes…i’m too lazy (or in a hurry) to read (or even notice!) the help button in the app…i guess i won’t be the only-one)

  7. Karesz says:

    Köszi szépen, sokat segített az alkalmazásod, sikerült vele optimalizálnom az itthoni wifi- t. Nem is gondoltam volna, hogy ennyien zavarjuk egymás adását, ha a routerben “auto”-ra van állítva a csatornaválasztás. Most nagyságrendekkel stabilabb, 2 falon túl sem dobálja el a jelet. 🙂

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