Youtube tutorials for WiFi Speed Test for Android

I’ve just created a few short videos to demonstrate the usage of my WiFi Speed Test application.
You can watch the play list by clicking on this link or here embedded:

The content:

and others. Enjoy.


10 Responses to Youtube tutorials for WiFi Speed Test for Android

  1. boris says:

    Smb client cannot connect to a windows xp smb share

  2. Blakman says:

    Great tool! It even forces me to write here.
    A lot of thanks to The Author. And yes, I’d like to share my opinion on The Program.

    There are a lot of Wifi APs near to my place, even one which working at 5GHZ, but my own AP is old and I’d need to see 2.4GHz diagram in detail. But because of that alien 5GHz AP I barely see nothing useful on the diagram. The only thing that helps is ‘legend’ where I can see a numbers of Wifi channels
    The suggestion is: to add a tick in Settings which will cut off 5GHz APs.
    Another idea is to let the user choose which frequency range will be displayed(2.4, 5, both)

    • PZolee says:


      Thank for the feedback. In the next version (releasing within 1-2 weeks) I will fix this issue. You will be able to select between 2.4 and 5 GHz channels.

  3. Bepo says:

    Hi! Great application! Just the thing I was looking for!

    Simple network performance testing tool (if you know what you are doing) 🙂

    Is it possible to add a test “note” option? It would be great for survey testing to note test point locations for example (test point 1, test point 2, etc). Never the less, keep up the good work!

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