Minix Neo X7 network performance

As I have this android box, just measured the network performance, both on wifi and ethernet network using this app (detailed guide here). For more details about X7 here.

The max wifi speed was around 34 Mbps (link speed: 65 Mbps) using 5 Ghz network. When switched to ethernet network, the device could perform  around 90 Mbps.

For the tests I used an ac router with gigabit network.

Here are a few screenshots about the tests:






Xiaomi Mi3 wifi performance with TP-LINK archer c2 ac750 router

Hello guys,

I’ve just received this Mi3 phone, and tried my WiFi Speed Test app.
Using the TP-LINK archer c2 ac750 router, the link speed was 433 Mbps at 5 GHz. Finally, I could measure ~210 Mbps real speed via wireless. I think this is very reasonable.

Unfortunately, the link speed using 2.4 GHz network was only 72 Mbps.

And here is the YouTube video about the test: