LG G4 wifi performance

Hello guys,

I’ve just tested the wifi performance of a LG G4 device. For the test I used a TP-LINK archer c2 ac750 router and my WiFi Speed Test app.

There was only one weird thing, the link speed fluctuated very fast, sometimes it was only 27 Mbps then went up to 433 Mbps then went to 40 Mbps, however the router was only 30 cm far from the device and nothing changed in the environment. Finally I could perform the test at 433 Mbps of link speed.

The results:

Upload speed: 190 Mbps, download: 123 Mbps

Here is the youtube video about the test:

and another one about the fluctuating link speed:


2 Responses to LG G4 wifi performance

  1. Kieran Morrissey says:

    Hi Zoltán,

    Is there any application to all running the speed test without using a router. i.e. connect an Ethernet device directly to the Ethernet card in the PC.


    • PZolee says:

      Hi Kieran,

      I don’t understand your question exactly, but yes, if you have an android-based device (like a media box) that has ethernet card, then you can connect to a PC directly.
      Then if you set a proper ip address*, you can use my speed test app to test the speed.
      * For example you set as ip address to the ethernet card of the media box, to the ethernet card of your pc, then the two devices will see each other and you can run the test.

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