UDP network test on Android

Screenshot_2015-10-20-21-04-06From the v2.3.0 of WiFi Speed Test app, you can test the UDP speed of your network using your android based mobile. You can download the application from Google Play, but the UDP support is in beta phase currently, that means you can download it from the Google Play Testing site.

Basically, just go to TCP/UDP client tab, and select UDP protocol (highlighted with red line on the picture).

Then change the UDP target bandwidth or let the default. This is because UDP is not a reliable protocol that means it can send packages as fast as possible and then can lose packages with the same tempo. With this option, you can limit the bandwidth and detect the speed where your network is even acceptable reliable and where it is not.
That’s all, give or browse the server, then just click on start (I assume your server already runs, see later), you can test the upload and the download speed too. At the end of test, a result window will be displayed about the sent/received bytes and about the lost bytes. If there are no (or not to much) lost data, you can increase the bandwidth, or you can decrease it in other case.
Also you can set the transferred data (1-1000 MB) and the data size (128 bytes-32KB), just scroll down and click on “Set data size” button.
For more info about this application you can find here


Unlucky case, the speed is too high, data loss is also high

The server

You have to start the server on another computer, this server will receive the data sent by the app. It’s very easy to use, just download wifi_speed_test_server.exe to your computer and start it. Alternatively, if you are using non-windows based computer, you can start the python version too, download wifi_speed_test.py and then start with the next command: python path_to/wifi_speed_test.py.

Don’t forget to enable tcp port 1212 and udp port 1213 if you are using firewall, or temporary disable it for the period of the tests.
For more info about the server, you can find here


You can follow the transfer.