Promo code for WiFi Network Analyzer Pro and WiFi Speed Test Pro

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Hello guys,

Hopefully you already know either my WiFi Network Analyzer app or WiFi Speed Test app.

Now there is a special promotion: if you send me your idea about the above apps* (see later), the first 10-10 senders who have the best idea will receive a promotion code for the paid (ad-free) version.

Using this promo code, you can get these apps for free:

WiFi Network Analyzer Pro

WiFi Speed Test Pro

*your idea: something new that would make one or both of my apps better. It can be a new useful feature or something that you would do in other way.
Important: a detailed description is required not only a word. For example, why the desired feature would be good, who would be the target people, how would you use it and similar.

You shouldn’t think in large things, a smaller feature can be as good as a big one, so I don’t expect some saving-the-world functions, just something that would be very practical in the everyday life in these apps.

you can send your idea to this email address:

also now you can communicate with me on facebook too: facebook link

deadline: 29 February 2016 or until there are free promo codes.