Disable Adaptive Brightness in Windows 10 / LG monitor

Hi guys,

After I installed Windows 10 to my new computer, I experienced a very annoying thing: the brightness level of the screen went up and down without my intent… I thought it is caused by Windows 10 (but it was only half-true).
Ok, if you google this thing, you will find a lot of articles about how to disable adaptive brightness in Windows 10. Basically go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change plan settings -> Advanced and then at the display settings disable Adaptive Brightness.

This did not work…

After reading a tons of forum, I found that my computer has Intel HD 520 VGA and it also contains this feature. So I had to do the following:

Open Intel HD Graphics Control Panel -> Graphics Properties -> Power -> On battery and disable Display Power Saving Technology.

And it still did not work, the brightness of the screen always changed. Very-very frustrating…

Finally, I found the reason of the problem and the solution.


20160923_210153My new LG monitor also knows this “feature”. It’s called as “Smart Energy Saving“.
So the solution: go to monitor menu -> Quick Settings and disable “Smart Energy Saving” function. By default it was set to “Low”. After I turned it off, the problem is gone. No more brightness change excepting if I am changing it.

Hint: some monitor calls this feature as DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio).


Disable this function