Network Signal Monitor for Android

Hello guys!

networksignalmonitor1Let me introduce my new app called Network Signal Monitor. You can download it from Google Play, link here.

This app is very similar to my existing WiFi Analyzer application, but it monitors and analyzes the cellular network of your mobile phone. So it will check your network type like LTE or HSDPA, the latency, signal strength and others.

Main features:
* detailed mobile network information
* detailed SIM information
* analyzing function
* real-time signal strength on the dashboard and on the graph.

As this is a new app, forgive me if you find any error or problem in the app, but feel free to send me your remarks.

Dual SIM devices are also supported, but currently only partially (I’m working on it).

More screenshot about the application:



Mobile Network Glossary

This is an online help for the Network Signal Monitor app.

Signal strength: This is the power of the received signal. The weakest the worst. The acceptable value depends on the given network type. For example -90 dBm is good for an LTE network but low for a GSM network.

MCC: Mobile country code. The mobile country code consists of 3 decimal digits defined by E.212. More details are here.

MNC: Mobile network code. The mobile network code consists of 2 or 3 decimal digits defined by E.212. More details are here.

ASU: Arbitrary Strength Unit (ASU) is an integer value proportional to the received signal strength measured by the mobile phone. More details are here.

IP address: An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, mobile phones) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. Example:

latency: This is the latency time of the server in ms.