How to test your NAS speed

This is just something personal.

Recently I installed a Synology NAS (DS216j) to my home and wanted to test the speed of this NAS. Of course you can test it via file copy but I wanted to know several values:

  • the maximum available raw speed when my computer is connected to the NAS
  • the maximum available raw speed when my mobile is connected to the NAS
  • and the samba speed when my mobile using the NAS

So first of all, I enabled ssh connection to my NAS, then copied my file to the NAS. This Synology NAS already contains python support, so I could start it easily:

pzolee@pzoleenas:/volume1/$ python

Then just downloaded and started the java version of wifi speed test app, set the IP address of the NAS and started the test:

Wow, it was impressive 316 Mbps (~40 MB/s). My laptop is using AC wifi.

Then I tested the same on my mobile (LG G4) with my WiFi Speed Test app:


It was very similar, 33 MB/s.

And finally I tested the samba speed:

Using my laptop, I could reach the 40 MB/s transfer rate via samba, but my phone could only transfer with 7 MB/s.