How to test your NAS speed

This is just something personal.

Recently I installed a Synology NAS (DS216j) to my home and wanted to test the speed of this NAS. Of course you can test it via file copy but I wanted to know several values:

  • the maximum available raw speed when my computer is connected to the NAS
  • the maximum available raw speed when my mobile is connected to the NAS
  • and the samba speed when my mobile using the NAS

So first of all, I enabled ssh connection to my NAS, then copied my file to the NAS. This Synology NAS already contains python support, so I could start it easily:

pzolee@pzoleenas:/volume1/$ python

Then just downloaded and started the java version of wifi speed test app, set the IP address of the NAS and started the test:

Wow, it was impressive 316 Mbps (~40 MB/s). My laptop is using AC wifi.

Then I tested the same on my mobile (LG G4) with my WiFi Speed Test app:


It was very similar, 33 MB/s.

And finally I tested the samba speed:

Using my laptop, I could reach the 40 MB/s transfer rate via samba, but my phone could only transfer with 7 MB/s.


4 Responses to How to test your NAS speed

  1. ssbarnea says:

    It would be extremely useful to be able install Wifi Speed Test from Google Plat Store to Android TV. At this moment we get an error “Bravia” not supported. Currently Sony Bravia XD85 is using Android 6.0.1.

  2. aturnwald says:

    Hello, your Program is pretty good and fine, also it works just perfect on Linux and Windows. Thank you, in this case you saved my life, but I have a question, I also downloaded your Android app and with this file, I have a few troubles ( I wrote you that already ). My question is, is it possible to became a beta tester for Android or Linux ? It would be very nice. cheerio Toni

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