Huawei Mate 10 Pro performance (WiFi, internal storage)

Hi guys,

I just created a few WiFi and internal storage performance tests on Huawei Mate 10 Pro (this is my new phone) using my apps.

First of all, here is the WiFi performance. I used my WiFi Speed Test app to measure it. The phone uses 2x MIMO (802.11ac) with 80 MHz bandwidth, with link speed at 866 Mbps.

The performance (the real speed) was 384 Mbps (48 MB/s), it’s absolute fine. (the router was a TP-Link Archer C5, and the server was running on a laptop connected to the router via gigabit LAN).


And I also executed an internal storage performance test using my SD Card Test app.

The write speed was around 202 MB/s, the read was 619 MB/sec, when reading and writing a 16 GB of single file. It’s  UFS 2.1 performance.


Here you can find more screenshots about the details, including the graphs:



LG G4 wifi performance

Hello guys,

I’ve just tested the wifi performance of a LG G4 device. For the test I used a TP-LINK archer c2 ac750 router and my WiFi Speed Test app.

There was only one weird thing, the link speed fluctuated very fast, sometimes it was only 27 Mbps then went up to 433 Mbps then went to 40 Mbps, however the router was only 30 cm far from the device and nothing changed in the environment. Finally I could perform the test at 433 Mbps of link speed.

The results:

Upload speed: 190 Mbps, download: 123 Mbps

Here is the youtube video about the test:

and another one about the fluctuating link speed:

Minix Neo X7 network performance

As I have this android box, just measured the network performance, both on wifi and ethernet network using this app (detailed guide here). For more details about X7 here.

The max wifi speed was around 34 Mbps (link speed: 65 Mbps) using 5 Ghz network. When switched to ethernet network, the device could perform  around 90 Mbps.

For the tests I used an ac router with gigabit network.

Here are a few screenshots about the tests:





Xiaomi Mi3 wifi performance with TP-LINK archer c2 ac750 router

Hello guys,

I’ve just received this Mi3 phone, and tried my WiFi Speed Test app.
Using the TP-LINK archer c2 ac750 router, the link speed was 433 Mbps at 5 GHz. Finally, I could measure ~210 Mbps real speed via wireless. I think this is very reasonable.

Unfortunately, the link speed using 2.4 GHz network was only 72 Mbps.

And here is the YouTube video about the test:

Samsung Galaxy S3 WiFi performance

s3-graphI’ve just received a Galaxy S3, and tested the WiFi performance. I know it’s an older device, but still very popular. The result was interesting, it was slow using 5 GHz (802.11an) network.

I just put the S3 ~1 meter far from the router, and started the test. The link speed was 150 Mbps (that’s fine), but the measured performance was only 54 Mbps. This is really slow, it should be at least the half of the link speed as usual. Left side, you can see the graph about the performance.

Compared to my Asus MeMo Pad (it uses 2.4 GHz network, 802.11n), my Asus performed 75 Mbps with the same link speed (150 Mbps) and with the same test environment.

I’m curious if this slow WiFi affects only my Galaxy S3 or other devices are also affected.

Here is the video about the test:

Finally, I repeated the test using 802.11n network (2.4 GHz). The result was also interesting. First of all, the bad news, the link speed was only 72 Mbps. Interesting, because the link speed was 150 Mbps when 5 GHz network was used. I think the network card of S3 supports maximum only this connection speed at 2.4 GHz, but really weird behaviour.
The good news: S3 performed very well in this test, the maximum speed was ~40 Mbps that is a very good value compared to the 72 Mbps of link speed.

And a newer video about this test too:

Samsung Galaxy S3 summary:

Link speed 150 Mbps (802.11an, 5 GHz) 72 Mbps (802.11n, 2.4 GHz)
Real speed 54 Mbps 40 Mbps

Test software:
WiFi Speed Test

Router: TL-WDR3600