Privacy Policy

This is my personal blog and as I private blogger I do not collect or store any private data.

Commenting is disabled and all old comments are removed due to GDPR (who the hell knows what is legal or not), so this blog will work as a read-only page after 2018.05.06.

This website is hosted by as a web site hosting company may collect some data about the users because they are required by law. This is a independent process of the content of this site and controlled by the privacy policy of

Regarding my applications mentioned in the blog posts

The applications (WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Analyzer Pro, SD Card Test, SD Card Test Pro, WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Speed Test Pro, Cell Info, Ping ICMP or that is on Google Play: DO NOT send, collect or transmit any personal information including phone/device numbers out of your device.

The apps use Google Firebase and Fabric Crashlytics Libraries to collect possible crash details and improve the quality of the application.
That means the apps share data with these 3ry party services anonymised way.
Terms of Google Firebase:
Terms of Fabric Crashlytics:
Fabric Crashlytics collects the following data:
Installation UUID
Crash traces
For more information:

GDPR (for EU citizens):

Both Google Firebase and Fabric Crashlytics are GDPR ready and covered under the Privacy Shield Framework.

  • Our apps do not use any social networking functions.
  • Our apps do not allow in-app purchases.



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